Mock Up Testing

It can be really hard to understand what your finished project is going to feel like from 2D plans and renders. At Architest we offer an Australian first - full size, fully fitted, interactive models of your project. It gives you the ability to stand in, walk through and test your project before construction even begins.


Whether you want to get an idea of how big your kitchen is, work out if your furniture is going to fit or simply get a better understanding of the finished product so you avoid costly variations during construction, our mock up team can build your entire project and spend the day with you changing things, moving walls and adding joinery so you get it right the first time.

We can also assist with commercial projects, and have built models of prisons, hospitals, schools, banks and even a fully fitted courtroom. If you need to test OH&S compliance, site lines, traffic flow or need the feedback of user groups, Architest can build the model and facilitate the meetings. Whatever you need to test, we can help.


  • Multiple Residential Tests

  • Ravenhall Prison

  • Thomas Embling Mental Health Unit

  • LaTrobe Regional Hospital

  • Shepparton law Courts

  • St Vincents Birthing Suite

  • Mercy Hospital Operating Suites

  • Parkville Detention Centre

  • Malmsbury Detention Centre

  • North Hospital

  • St Georges Adged Care Unit

  • Spring Street Penthouse Complex

  • ANZ Bank branch